Grooming and More

To All MFGRC Members,

Some members of the club have asked if we could hold demonstrations of how to groom our precious Goldens and help them look their best – and we’re going to do it!

This Saturday, at the agility trial, we’re holding a general club meeting at 1 p.m. and after that, MFGRC vice-president Ann Rowe will give a demonstration on grooming ears.

At the next general meeting on Nov. 19 at the Ocala show, MFGRC board member Anney Doucette will give a demonstration on grooming feet.

The demonstrations will be very informal and please feel free to watch and ask questions.


We’re going to make the meeting in Ocala extra special and fun with a pot luck lunch – we’ll send more information out about it later but please mark your calendars and try to make it to the meeting. It’ll be a great opportunity to socialize and get to know your fellow club members as we all share our love of Goldens.

MFGRC Agility Trial – This Weekend!

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club is hosting an AKC All Breed Agility Trial this weekend (October 21, 22, & 23) at the Grand Oaks Resort in Weirsdale, Florida. This is the second time we have held an event at this beautiful location offering a great opportunity for members to come out, watch the dogs perform, help and see the beautiful setting of the Grand Oaks Re-sort. Nestled amongst majestic tall oaks and green pastures you can hear and see the rhythm of horse beats in perfect sync or perhaps even see a grand four-in-hand horse and carriage skim by. Either way it is worth the drive to see this beautiful Florida gem. There is a great Bistro on site and carriage rides are available (reservations required). Our club will be conducting a general meeting at the agility trial site on Saturday at 1pm as well. The trial is being held under cover in a large packed dirt arena with plenty of shade and things to see. So why not spend some time to come help the club and see the beautiful sites at the Grand Oaks. Below is the address to the Grand Oaks Resort.

Thank you!
The Grand Oaks Resort
3525 Griffin Ave
Lady Lake, Fl. 32159

MFGRC Agility Fun Day and General Meeting Oct. 13

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club will hold an Agility Fun Day and general meeting on Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Best Paw Forward training center in Osteen, Fla.

The event will give members and their Goldens the opportunity to try the sport of Agility in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere. P.J. Lacette, one of the founders of the MFGRC and a lifetime member, will host the event and provide training.

Agility training will be from 9-11 a.m. followed by lunch and a club meeting. (Members should bring their own lunch).

So that organizers can properly prepare for the day, it is asked that members planning to attend please RSVP to MFGRC club secretary Andy Hall at with how many people and how many dogs.

Osteen is located in southwest Volusia County between Sanford and Port Orange. It’s an easy drive for members in the Orlando area as well as those in the Space Coast and Mt. Dora/Sorrento areas.

P.J. strongly recommends that club members print out the directions to her facility and follow the directions very closely rather than relying on their GPS devices. Here is a link to the directions:

Volunteers Needed!

MFGRC is hosting several events in the coming months.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THESE EVENTS A SUCCESS!

Please volunteer to help at an event for a day, part of the day, with set up, clean up:

WC/WCX  October 8th at Wayne Gey’s ranch in Mt. Verde.
We need someone to be responsible for hospitality at this event, basically providing the judges and workers with lunches and beverages.
We also need people to throw ducks (we’ll give you gloves :))!
Please contact Ted Misilo:

Agility Trial October 21-23 at Grande Oaks Resort in Lady Lake
We will need help with set up on October 20th.
We need someone to be responsible for hospitality for this event.
We need ring stewards!
Please contact John Blair:

Hunt Test December 10-11

MFGRC Specialty at Eukanuba December 16th

Don’t wait, plan now to volunteer and support your club!

Thank You!

Message from MFGRC Obedience Trial Chairman Michele Panetta

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people who helped make the obedience trial a success. Starting with Andy Hall, who took over as hospitality chair. Andy took care of the hotel reservations and dinner reservations. He also helped stewarding both days. Nextstop isRalph Orlando. Ralph maintained the building both days. Cleaning,moving mats, setting up rings. He was able to keep up with this while also and during his dog in the trial. John and Dee Thibodeaux were two more members that were there both days stewarding and setting up on Friday. Dee was also entered and earned her UD title. Congratulations.
President Ted Misilo was there all three days setting up and stewarding.

I would also like to acknowledge the following for all their help at the rings, Susan Armstrong, Robin Bowen, Joan Costello, Linda Campagna, Camille Camille N. Doehring, Susan Handy, Luci Seeley, Kristen Kristin Ozmun Sipus and Susan Wilkes. A trial of any kind cannot be put on without a family. These participants became a family by working together for the success of thistrial.

Another thanks goes out to Adrienne Swanick who was our trial secretary. As someone who has been a trial secretary, I know the amount of work it takes and I appreciate it.

Thanks again to all for the help,
Michele Panetta
Trial Chairman

Agility Trial Report April 22-24, 2016

agility_andy_hall_april2016The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club hosted an AKC All Breed agility trial at the Grand Oaks Resort in Weirsdale Florida on April 22, 23 & 24. The event proved to be a success with the help of both club and non-club members. Some of the club members that I would like to recognize for their hard work and support all weekend are; Rosa Blair, Mike Orloff and Pat Kopco, Bob Young, Dee and John Thibodeaux, Pat Carlile, Andy Hall, Camille Doehring, Ralph Orlando, Ann Rowe, Michele Throm and Betty Lambert. Without the tireless help of these folks thetrial would not have been successful. Thank you folks so much for pitching in!

Our judges this time were Bob Jeffers and Lisa Rieves. Their courses were great and all of the exhibitors enjoyed running their dogs thru the courses they designed. We enjoyed working with them, building their courses and watching the dogs navigate the obstacles. Along with the judges our trial secretary, Jill Roberts, performed without a flaw almost going un-noticed. Jill and her team have been performing the agility secretary’s duties for our club for quite a while.

The Grand Oaks Resort staff was awesome! They catered to all of our needs, sometimes in a moments no-tice. They prepared the surface of the agility rings to perfection after the conclusion of each days runs. There was nothing but praises coming from the exhibitors relative to the running surface and the trial location.

We brought in the Army JROTC from Lake Weir High School as volunteers to help run the rings on Saturday and Sunday. This group of young adults was phenomenal. They worked hard to help build courses, set bars, run leashes, run scribe sheets and even stayed on Sunday to help us load the equipment back into the agility trailers. Their attitudes and courtesy was a welcome presence and noticed by all at the trial.

We had around 1064 runs for the 3 days and out of that came 3 MACH titles, one of those belonging to one of our own club members Pat Carlile. Congratulations Pat!

All in all the trial was a huge success. Yes we learned a few things here and there, but minimal considering it was our first time conducting an agility trial at this site. We will be back there in October of this year for our 2nd trial. I hope that more club members come out to help, see this wonderful location and enjoy the abilities of our be-loved canines performing in the sport of dog agility!

Kind Regards,

John Blair
MFGRC Agility Chair