Puppy Info

If you are searching for a Golden Retriever Puppy:

MFGRC does not keep a breeder list but it does maintain a list of upcoming litters that meet the GRCA code of ethics for responsible breeding. These litters are bred by club members, and they have been vetted by our puppy referral chairperson. Please contact Ashley Lucero (puppyreferral@mfgrc.org) for more information.

Buyers should be aware that often there are more potential buyers than there are quality litters/puppies available. This means that there may not be litters available when you begin your search, breeders may have placed all puppies before they are 8 weeks of age, or breeders may have a long waiting list for their next litter. We encourage puppy buyers not to “give up” their search for a well-bred puppy. Patience pays off!

Here are some additional recommended places to start looking for a well-bred Golden Retriever puppy breeder:

  • At an AKC conformation dog show. You can find the show schedule information on the AKC website, under “Event Search”. Ask the handler/owner of the Golden Retriever that you may like who the breeder of the dog is. (please do not interfere with the handler around the show ring). Normally ask the handler/owner in the grooming area). You can also obtain a show catalog that will show you the breeder’s name. You can then do a search for that breeder. We realize that all potential puppy owners are not looking for a “Show” puppy, but most breeders will still sell what they consider as “Show Quality” puppies to acceptable owners.
  • At an AKC obedience, rally, agility, or hunt test trial. Since there is no grooming area at these shows, you can walk around the crating area and ask the handler/owner who the breeder is.
  • At a MFGRC event or general meeting with the intention of joining our club. You can find the events/meetings listed on this webpage. It is a great way to meet fellow Golden Retriever enthusiasts and ask questions pertaining to obtaining a puppy.

Here is a highly informative and thorough video about how to look for a responsibly bred golden retriever puppy. If you want a puppy, please take the time to watch the whole thing. This will give you a good understanding of how to assess if a litter meets the standards of responsible breeding. This includes the core four clearances recommended in the GRCA code of ethics. These are hips and elbows done after 2 years of age, yearly eyes by an ophthalmologist, and heart by a cardiologist (not a practitioner or specialist, it must be a cardiologist). See the video below:

Buyers are reminded that MFGRC cannot guarantee the quality, availability, or health of any puppy.

It is up to the potential buyer to ask questions and make sure they are comfortable with the breeder they have chosen. MFGRC will not involve itself in disputes between buyers and breeders.

Here is another useful link from the Golden Retriever Club of America to better help educate potential Golden Retriever Puppy buyers in seeking a Golden Retriever puppy.


While MFGRC encourages each member to uphold The Club’s Code of Ethics, the Board of Directors CANNOT be responsible for enforcement. It is the Potential puppy buyer’s responsibility to ensure that all paperwork with regards to clearances and pedigrees are available for review. Buyers also are reminded that MFGRC cannot guarantee the quality or health of any puppy purchased.