A Note of Thanks

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club held its annual Obedience and Rally Trial Aug. 11-12 at the Obedience Club of Daytona and as trial chairman, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the club members and others who contributed to the success of the event.

First of all, we couldn’t do it without the help and dedication of Ralph and Maria Orlando, who in addition to being members of the MFGRC are also very active and strong members of the OCOD. Ralph set up the building and kept things running smoothly with it all weekend, while Maria’s skills as a photographer were on display as she was everywhere and posted about 150 images from the trial on Facebook. Both also pitched in whenever needed and took care of many details and little things that are so important during a trial.

Our club treasurer Dee Thibodeaux was there all weekend and helped in many areas. Her experience with Obedience trials was also a very good resource for me and I called on her more than once for opinions and advice during the preparation for the event.

Many club members volunteered their time to work as stewards and we received lots of positive comments from the judges and exhibitors about how good our stewards were. They included Robin Bowen, Debbie Finch, Charlie and Susan Hicks and Chris Jeffrey who worked as table stewards and ring/gate stewards Art and Josie Becker, Marilyn Booher, Sabrina Cornelius, Johnann Goines, Robin Hughes, Chris Huppert, Cheryl Taylor and Laura Wright. Also thanks to Jordan Benner and Dalia Ruffato, who will soon be club members, for their help as stewards, as well as Jordan’s mother Jill Benner.

In addition, I want to thank Jeannie Adams, who is not a member of our club but graciously volunteered to help Chris Jeffrey in the Rally ring on Sunday. Also thanks to OCOD members Susan Armstrong, Pat Dean, Claire Israelson and Brandy Schmid who worked not only as stewards but also as mentors for our club members who had never stewarded before.   

During the weeks and months leading up to the trial, club members Connie Adams, John Blair and Michele Panetta helped promote the trial in their respective areas of the state and their efforts paid off as we had a very good entry with exhibitors coming from many parts of Florida as well as other states.

Our trial secretary Adrienne Swanick did a great job leading up to and during the trial. It’s a lot of work and sometimes thankless but she’s very good at what she does.    

And last but definitely not least, my wife Barbara Hall was a tremendous help to me behind-the-scenes, doing so many little things that I can’t list them all. Ironing and sorting ribbons, checking in stewards, getting lunches for the judges and keeping the candy bowls around the venue stocked were just some of her contributions. Thanks to her and to everyone.

We’ll do it all again next year – our trial will again be in Daytona Beach and the dates will be Aug. 10-11. Looking forward to it.

Andy Hall
MFGRC Club Secretary
Obedience/Rally Chair

MFGRC to hold General Meeting Sept. 2 in Kissimmee

The next general meeting of the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club will be on Sunday, Sept. 2, at the DOCOF competition in the Events Center at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Fla.

DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida) is an annual team obedience competition involving 30 teams from around the state.


The meeting will begin when DOCOF breaks for lunch, which will be at approximately noon. Meeting location will be the lobby of the Events Center and members should bring their own chairs for the meeting.

Osceola Heritage Park is located at 1875 Silver Spur Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34744.


DOCOF competition begins at 8 a.m. and MFGRC members are invited to come early and watch some of the very unique event.

Entry Premium Now Available for MFGRC October Agility Trial

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club will hold an AKC All Breed Agility Trial October 19 thru October 21, and the entry premium for the event is now available.

The trial will be held at the Grand Oaks Reosrt in Lady Lake, Fla.

Judges for the trial will be Cindy Elliott Deak and Jill Roberts, and the trial secretary is Eric Reese. Dee Thibodeaux is the event chair for the MFGRC.

The premium can be downloaded here.

MFGRC Grooming and Health Seminar, General Meeting July 15

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club will be holding a grooming and health seminar and a general meeting for members on Sunday, July 15, beginning at 11 a.m. at Das Hund Haus in Lakeland.

Many members have asked for a grooming seminar and it could be a great learning experience, especially for newer dog owners and club members. And even veteran members can benefit from both the grooming and health seminars. The day is FREE for club members.

Members are asked to RSVP if they plan to attend so that the meeting location can be properly prepared. RSVPs should go to michelethrom@yahoo.com

Club member Rosa Blair, who is a certified master groomer, will be giving a detailed demonstration of techniques for grooming Goldens. Her presentation will cover basic fundamentals of grooming a Golden Retriever and she will give an update on show grooming of a Golden Retriever based on the GRCA’s recommendations.

Also, club member Dr. Pam Ginn, who has been associated with the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida for more than 25 years, will talk about conditions affecting Golden Retrievers that can hopefully be avoided or managed, including:

  • Ichthyosis- what is it exactly and how to avoid the condition.
  • Pyotraumatic Dermatitis – the dreaded hot spot.
  • Hip Dysplasia – A good visual of the condition and the importance of clearances for breeders and buyers.
  • Ginn also will take questions.

A general meeting will follow the two presentations.

  • Members should bring their own chairs.
  • The grooming presentation is demonstration only and not participatory. Members can bring their dogs but they must also bring a crate and vaccination records.
  • Members can bring lunch if they wish.

Das Hund Haus is located at 3210 Reynolds Road, Lakeland, FL 33803.

MFGRC Club News and Notes May 2018


The next general meeting for the MFGRC will be held Sunday, July 15, as part of a new event – a combined grooming and health seminar for club members at Daus Hund Haus in Lakeland. It will be FREE for club members. Rosa Blair, who is a certified master groomer as well as a club member, will give a thorough demonstration and answer questions about grooming Goldens. Also, club member Dr. Pam Ginn, who has been associated with the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida for more than 25 years, will give a presentation on canine health and answer questions. The event will run from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. and members can bring their own lunch.



A reminder that club members interested in participating in the Barn Hunt Fun Day on June 2 must pre-register because there is a limit of 20 dogs. Registration information has been emailed to club members but anyone needing it sent again can contact andyhall58@hotmail.com



The MFGRC’s next competition event will be the annual Obedience and Rally Trial on Aug. 11-12 in the air conditioned Obedience Club of Daytona building in Daytona Beach. Any club members interested in working as ring stewards for the event (no experience required) are asked to contact trial chair Andy Hall at andyhall58@hotmail.com. The premium for the event can be downloaded from the club website HERE.



June 2 – Barn Hunt Fun Day (Morriston)

July 15 – Grooming & Health Seminar with general meeting (Lakeland)

Aug. 11-12 – Obedience/Rally Trial (Daytona Beach)

Sept. 2 – General meeting at DOCOF competition (Kissimmee)

Oct. 13 – General meeting and fun day (TBA)

Oct. 19-20-21 – Agility Trial (Lady Lake)

Nov. 3-4 – WC/WCX (Montverde)

Nov. 10 – General meeting and pot luck lunch (Ocala show)

Dec. 7-8-9 – Hunt Test (Montverde)

Dec. 14 – Specialty (Orlando)

Dec. 15 – Christmas Party and general meeting (location TBD) 




  • The Eustis Parks and Recreation Department is holding a limited seating Rachel Flatey Workshop “Attention Engagement Focus” on Sunday, June 3, with a registration deadline of May 20. More information and an event flyer can be obtained from Sara Alvarez-Torre: Alvarez-torres@ci.eustis.fl.us.


  • The Mid Florida Sporting Dog Association is hosting Dr. Carmen Battaglia and a two-day seminar on “Breeding Better Dogs” July 28-29 at the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg. Registration information is available HERE.


  • For club members interested in dock diving, Native Downs in Ocala, which hosted the club for the Dock Diving Fun Day on May 12, is holding open dock all summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $40 (for up to two dogs, each additional dog is $10). This includes unlimited dock time for that day. More information at (352) 624-0071.


  • Also, Central Florida Dog Sports in Deland is hosting a “Summer Dock Diving League June 3, July 1, Aug. 18 and championships on Aug. 19. More information is available HERE

Entry Premium Now Available for MFGRC Obedience/Rally Trial

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club will hold its annual Obedience and Rally Trial on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 11-12, and the entry premium for the event is now available.

The trial will be held indoors in the air conditioned Obedience Club of Daytona building in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Judges for the trial will be Katheryn Griner, Jeffrey Kern and Carol Mett, and the trial secretary is Adrienne Swanick. Andy Hall is the event chair for the MFGRC.

The premium can be downloaded here.