Agility Trial Report October 21-23, 2016

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club hosted an AKC All Breed agility trial at the Grand Oaks Resort in Weirsdale Florida on October 21-23. This was the second time this year that the trial was held at Grand Oaks. The event proved to be a success with the help of both club and non-club members. The club members that I would like to recognize for their hard work and support all weekend are: Jackie Hardin, Vickie Maloney, Mike Orloff, Pat Kopco, Dee and John Thibodeaux, Pat Carlile, Andy Hall, Nancy Clinchy, Ralph Orlando and Lisa Bourdreau. Without the tireless help of these folks the trial would not have been successful. Thank you folks so much for pitching in!

Our judges for the trial were Cindy Elliott Deak and Christine Bishop. Victoria MacVicar graciously stepped in on Saturday to judge for Cindy Deak as she had to attend to an issue at home. Their courses were great and all of the exhibitors enjoyed running their dogs thru the courses they designed. We enjoyed working with them, building their courses and watching the dogs navigate the obstacles. Along with the judges our trial secretary, Jill Roberts, performed without a flaw almost going un-noticed. Jill and her team have been perform-ing the agility secretary’s duties for our club for quite a while.

The Grand Oaks Resort staff was awesome! They catered to all of our needs, sometimes in a moments notice. They prepared the surface of the agility rings to perfection after the conclusion of each days runs. There were nothing but praises coming from the exhibitors relative to the running surface and the trial location.

We brought in the Army JROTC from Lake Weir High School again as volunteers to help run the rings Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This group of young adults was phenomenal. They worked hard to help build courses, set bars, run leashes, run scribe sheets and even stayed on Sunday to help us load the equipment back into the agility trailers. Their attitudes and courtesy was a welcome presence and noticed by all at the trial.

Our entries were down a bit from April but very reasonable considering there were 2 other trials being conducted on the same days (Miami and Palmetto). The word is getting out on what a great facility this is and what a great trial our club puts on. I hope that more club members come out to help, see this wonderful location and enjoy the abilities of our beloved canines performing in the sport of dog agility!

Kind Regards,
John Blair
MFGRC Agility Chair