MFGRC Will Resume Year-End Dog Awards for 2021

After taking a year off due to the high number of canceled events related to the pandemic in 2020, the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club will resume its year-end dog awards in 2021 with some changes, including splitting a previous category into two separate awards.

With the previous Field Dog of the Year award split into Field and Hunt categories, the MFGRC is offering the following awards for 2021:

Agility Dog of the Year

Field Dog of the Year

Hunt Dog of the Year

Obedience Dog of the Year

Rally Dog of the Year

Show Dog of the Year (Conformation)

Tracking Dog of the Year

Versatility Award (calculated by adding points from at least three separate categories)

Recipients of all awards listed above receive custom car magnets created by K9 Designs and presented by MFGRC. In addition, the recipient of Show Dog of the Year receives a special award of a perpetual trophy donated by Wonderland’s Golden Retrievers.

Additional MFGRC year-end dog awards for 2021:

Fallchase Owner-Handler Award – recognizing the club’s top owner-handler in conformation with a perpetual award donated by Fallchase Kennels.

Gold Standard Challenge — awarded to the owner handler accumulating the highest points in breed shows and field events during the awards year, with award donated by MFGRC member Kristin Sipus.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Dogs MUST reside with the person making the application.
  • To be eligible for any official MFGRC award, member MUST have attended one club general meeting and volunteered at two club functions during the awards period (or performed the equivalent work behind-the-scenes, subject to approval and verification).
  • Information must be included on the entry form about meetings attended and club work performed (all subject to verification).

The awards competition application will be made available later in the year, with the deadline for applications set for Nov. 30. Awards will be announced and presented at the MFGRC’s annual Christmas party on Dec. 18.