New Captain Needed for MFGRC DOCOF Team

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club is in need of a new Captain for its annual entry in the DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida) competition held Labor Day weekend.

Duties include organizing the team and entry, recruiting stewards to help at the event, attending some meetings, etc.

Any club member who is interested in taking on the Captain duties is asked to contact MFGRC club secretary Andy Hall at

Club member Deena Strauss has informed the club board that she will be unable to continue as Captain – the club sincerely thanks Deena for the work she has done during her years as Captain.

The DOCOF competition will be held Sept. 1-2 at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee. If the club does not have a new Captain in time, the club will not field a team in this year’s event and will attempt to regroup for 2019.

Team Members Sought for MFGRC DOCOF Entry

The Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club would like to enter a team in the annual Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida (DOCOF) competition and is looking for club members who would like to participate.

MFGRC members and dogs are needed to compete in Novice, Open and Utility classes, and dogs do not have to be titled in those classes to be eligible to compete. Also, Veteran dogs are welcomed on the team and will be able to jump their preferred jump height.

In addition, two club members are asked to volunteer to steward a half for the team.

DOCOF is an association of clubs and training schools from across the State of Florida who gather together every Labor Day weekend to share stories, food and have the annual Team Obedience friendly competition. The organization’s goals are to promote humane dog obedience training through the cooperation of all member organizations throughout Florida, and encourage sportsmanlike competition.

The DOCOF Competition is the only one of its kind in the United States with more than 30 teams gathering from around the state.

The competition will be held on Sunday, Sept. 2, at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Fla. Setup and practice will be the previous day. Each new Exhibitor gets a DOCOF pin, and each Exhibitor gets a year bar to add to that pin every year.

Interested club members are asked to contact team manager Deena Strauss at

2016 DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida) Tournament

This team of five members of the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club competed in the annual DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida) tournament held at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida, Sept. 3-4. Left to right are John Thibodeaux and Smooch; Dee Thibodeaux and Sizzle; Michele Panetta and Elle; Deena Strauss and Bentley; and Camille N. Doehring and Olivia. Back row are club members Charlie and Susan Hicks who volunteered to help the team during the tournament.