Nominations for 2018 Officers and Board

In accordance with the by-laws of the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club, the Nominating Committee has nominated the following club members to be officers and board members in 2018:

President – Ann Rowe
Vice President – Michele Throm
Secretary – Andy Hall
Treasurer – Dee Thibodeaux

John Blair
Anney Doucette
Pat Flynn
Pat Kopco
Betty Lambert
Robin Lemieux
Ted Misilo
Kristin Sipus

At our Nov. 18 general meeting at the Ocala show, any member may make additional nominations. If the proposed candidate is not present at this meeting, the person nominating must provide a written statement from the nominated individual stating acceptance of the nomination. If this occurs, the nominated individual then is considered a candidate.

Voting for these positions will be held at the club’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, Dec. 16, in conjunction with the club’s Christmas Party at the home of Ann Rowe in Sorrento, Fla.

In addition to the above, two other club members will assist the 2018 officers and board in non-voting positions: Pat Carlile will continue as assistant secretary and Laura Topping will handle the duties of membership chair.

ominating Committee

Michele Throm (chair)
Robin Hughes
Laura Topping