MFGRC Confirms 2023 Officers and Board

The leadership of the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club for 2023 was confirmed by vote during the club’s Annual Meeting held Saturday night in conjunction with the Christmas party at the home of club member Cindy Patz in Windermere, Fla. .

Confirmed were the following officers and board members, whose terms began immediately upon the vote:


President – Robin Burket

Vice President – Christine McDaniel

Secretary – Jenny Ford

Treasurer – Robin Bowen


Kathy Cudak

Pam Ginn

Pat Kopco (Director of Communications)

Lucinda Napoli

Camille Nasca

Brian Parker

Kristin Sipus

Michele Throm

In addition to the above, club members Pat Carlile and Dalia Ruffatto will assist the 2023 officers and board in the non-voting position of assistant secretary.