Message from MFGRC Obedience Trial Chairman Michele Panetta

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people who helped make the obedience trial a success. Starting with Andy Hall, who took over as hospitality chair. Andy took care of the hotel reservations and dinner reservations. He also helped stewarding both days. Nextstop isRalph Orlando. Ralph maintained the building both days. Cleaning,moving mats, setting up rings. He was able to keep up with this while also and during his dog in the trial. John and Dee Thibodeaux were two more members that were there both days stewarding and setting up on Friday. Dee was also entered and earned her UD title. Congratulations.
President Ted Misilo was there all three days setting up and stewarding.

I would also like to acknowledge the following for all their help at the rings, Susan Armstrong, Robin Bowen, Joan Costello, Linda Campagna, Camille Camille N. Doehring, Susan Handy, Luci Seeley, Kristen Kristin Ozmun Sipus and Susan Wilkes. A trial of any kind cannot be put on without a family. These participants became a family by working together for the success of thistrial.

Another thanks goes out to Adrienne Swanick who was our trial secretary. As someone who has been a trial secretary, I know the amount of work it takes and I appreciate it.

Thanks again to all for the help,
Michele Panetta
Trial Chairman