Puppy Referral

MFGRC Puppy Referral Temporarily Suspended

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the MFGRC Puppy Referral has received 10 times the normal number of requests for the breeder’s list and puppy referrals.

Many people making inquiries are seeking a puppy immediately but with quality Golden Retrievers and breeders, the average time on a waiting list for a puppy is 6-12 months.

At this time, the MFGRC has decided to temporarily suspend its puppy referral service with plans of relaunching a new and improved version later this year.

The MFGRC recommends that prospective puppy buyers please beware of breeders who always have puppies available as in many cases that can be a red flag for unethical breeding practices.

The MFGRC also recommends this page on the Golden Retriever Club of America website with information for prospective puppy buyers:


The MFGRC extends thanks for understanding during this unprecedented time.

MFGRC Puppy Referral Coordinator