Entry Form Available for MFGRC Year-End Awards

The entry form for the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club’s annual year-end dog awards is now available – the deadline for entries is November 30.

The MFGRC encourages all members who meet the eligibility requirements to enter and compete for the awards. Remember: there is no charge to enter and you can’t win if you don’t enter!

MFGRC is offering the following awards for 2019:

  • Agility Dog of the Year
  • Field Dog of the Year
  • Obedience Dog of the Year
  • Rally Dog of the Year
  • Show Dog of the Year (Conformation)
  • Tracking Dog of the Year
  • Versatility Award (calculated by adding points from at least three separate categories)
  • Fallchase Owner-Handler Award

Also available is the Gold Standard Challenge, awarded to the owner-handler accumulating the highest points in breed shows and field events during the awards year. The Gold Standard Challenge is privately presented and is not an official MFGRC Award.

Full details for all awards are included in the entry form, which can be downloaded here.